Testimontial 6 - Child

"My son Kyle has been a student of martial arts at Villari's Martial Arts in Ormond Beach for four years. His dedicated teacher, Sensei Dave Grabner, has been leading Kyle's successful journey every step of the way. Kyle has always been a very big kid for his age and sometimes that has made him self-conscious. Being a student at Villari's has helped him to become more goal-oriented, focused on working towards reaching those goals, and proud of his achievements because he has had to earn them.
Kyle is now a blue belt and so excited to become a member of the black belt club. He is eager to learn new kata and combinations and can't wait to start training with his Bo Staff. It’s so heart-warming to watch Kyle's goals come to fruition. Sensei Dave and all the staff members at Villari's Martial Arts of Ormond Beach are dedicated to helping the whole child grow and blossom. They have not only been teachers to Kyle but mentors.
Earlier this year, my family suffered a devastating loss. My husband, Kyle's father, passed away suddenly after a brief battle with cancer. Sensei Dave and his staff have been incredibly supportive and understanding during this difficult time.
Instructor Matthew Smith is an asset to Villari's Martial Arts. He goes above and beyond in both Kyle's private lessons and regular scheduled classes to help Kyle build and strengthen his skills. Mr. Smith also goes above and beyond outside the dojo as well. Mr. Smith gave his time and energy to be Kyle's VIP guest at a special luncheon at St. Brendan's Catholic School. Kyle was thrilled that his teacher had come to have lunch with him. Kyle's smile was big enough to light up a room; he felt so special that Mr. Smith would take the time to have lunch with him. All of Kyle's friends were excited to see Mr. Smith too. What could have turned out to be a very difficult day was a spectacular memory for Kyle. I am so grateful that I chose Villari's as Kyle's dojo.
Villari's is a place where Kyle is learning to excel and loving it. Under Sensei Dave's direction, he and all the other instructors are building a better community by helping us raise strong, confident, goal-driven kids. Thanks so much for all you for Kyle and all the other students at Villari's Martial Arts School." ~Daphne Hoffman

Testimonial 1 - Child

Dear Sensei Dave,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your instruction of my daughter Angelina. Since being with your program over the past year, I have seen numerous changes in Angelina’s confidence level and behavior. She has currently been taking the time to focus on knowing the difference between right and wrong and thinking about how to handle a problem, rather than jumping into it.
Angelina is always very excited to come to class, and it is so refreshing to watch her face light up with pride when practicing and succeeding in the different karate moves. Angelina as of late, has been taking steps to make her bed in the morning and will say, “See mommy, self discipline”, or one time she told me she had to show “great self control” by not hitting her brother back when he pushed her down.
Once again, this past year has been an amazing transition for Angelina, and I appreciate watching the amount of respect she shows under your instruction. It has also brought more of her personality out in the open with communicating with other children, and listening and answering in school and with adults.
Thank you so much. Angelina and I are looking forward to her journey in obtaining her black belt.



Testimonial 2 - Child

Villari’s Martial Arts has been a huge part of my daughter’s success in school this year. Julia is in fourth grade. Although she is an extremely bright child, her attention and focus, as well as her motivation have hindered her from extrapolating the most from her classroom experience. Prior to her 6 months at Villari’s, Julia’s father and I have received numerous comments about her not reaching her potential in school due to the aforementioned behaviors. Last grading period, Julia earned straight ‘A’s and most importantly all ‘1’s in conduct with comments supporting her ability to focus more readily and participate in classroom discussions. To report that I am elated does not even remotely express my feelings to their fullest extent! There are no words to thank Sensei Dave for his patience, ability to motivate, passion that he shares for the martial arts and sheer talent for working with children to meet them where they are in their developmental process and take them so much further to reach their potentials!

We are grateful!!

Arlene and Rob

Testimonial 5 - Adult

“I was invited to visit a class and was surprised to learn that this type of Karate is nothing like I expected. The instructor’s enthusiasm was intoxicating and what I learned in that one evening had me yearning for more. Our instructor teaches defensive abilities rather than aggressive techniques; the power to be able to defend yourself provides you with confidence. The classes are not about kicking and punching; you are taught to work the body and challenge the mind. We are able to do this at our own pace and level so there’s no intimidation; you take it one step (or belt) at a time and anyone at a higher level knows and understands those at lower levels. I love coming to classes: the instructor’s enthusiasm, the class’s energy and the knowledge, skills and techniques I am gaining. It’s the one place I can go to relieve stress and strain. As another student put it, “it’s our sanctuary”. “ ~Beverly Mize, Ormond Beach

Testimonial 3 - Child

Sensei Dave and Villari’s has been a life saver at my house over the past several months. I cannot begin to tell you how great Sensei Dave is with the Kids. I have learned so much from him that I now use it at home. I have two boys in the program ages 9 and 5. Our family went through some changes with a divorce and the boys were starting to back talk me and not show any respect for me. That’s why I was drawn to Villari’s Colors of Character not only are they learning moves but they are learning self discipline, respect and self control and Sensei Dave reinforces it during the class as well. I now have more tools to use at home by reinforcing this strength of character. I now can take my boys out in public and be proud of their behavior where before Villari’s that was not possible.

Thank you Sensei Dave.

Michele Williams, Daytona Beach

Testimonial 4 - Child

I am so thankful for Villari's Martial Arts and for Sensei Dave! My 6 year old son, Eathan enjoys the interaction with other students and he takes pride in his accomplishments. He is learning Self Control, Self Discipline and Respect. The Colors of Character program is a wonderful way to teach these and other values of life. Thank you, Sensei Dave and Villari's for giving Eathan a way to bring up his self-esteem and teaching him that making the right choices in life will take him far in his lifetime.” ~ Taquilla Thomas

Grassroots Giving Foundation

Grassroots Giving would like to thank each and everyone of you for your dedication and commitment to our community and for hosting such a wonderful event!(Family Fun Fest, 2010) We were honored that you chose Grassroots Giving as your charity of choice! Our volunteers were so impressed with your event and really had a fabulous time! A few of our volunteers were literally "Grassroots kids." Meaning kids who we provided funding to in the past. Although we do not ask that any of our "Grassroots kids" or families volunteer, it has become their way of saying thanks. Congratulations on such a successful event!
Grassroots Giving offers a couple of free events throughout the year to our local foster care and underprivileged youth. One of the events is a field day that we host for a local Boys & Girls Club. This year we have chosen the Holly Hill Boys & Girls Club: "Grassroots Giving Field Day for the Holly Hill Boys & Girls Club" on April 10th. Your donation to Grassroots Giving from your Family Fun Fest will provide the funding for this year's event!!!!!
Without such generous donors and supports like you, we would not be able to touch as many lives!

Thank you,

Missy Gibson Founder/President
Grassroots Giving Inc.